Black Panther Party 55th Anniversary Digital Media Exhibit:
UC Irvine

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Digital Exhibit

Scroll down this page to view the official Art | Power | Community multimedia exibit at University of California Irvine, complete with exclusive images that weren’t included in the traveling physical exhibit at UC Irvine’s Gateway Student Center until the end of June 2022. 

Click the buttons below to visit the website pages about the Black Panther Party 55th Anniversary Retrospective exhibit photographer, Micherlange Francious-Hemsley, and the Art | Power | Community: A Black Panther 55th Anniversary Retrospective digital media exhibit. 


The Black Panther Party was founded in Oakland, California (1966), by Bobby Seele and Huey P. Newton. The community aspect of the Black Panthers has been historically documented, although it is not often discussed as prominently as you might expect. The Black Panther’s community outreach programs leveraged the importance of finding a committed community to surround yourself with when times are particularly difficult. Through community and outreach programs, the Black Panthers established monumental change in the community first, with the world soon after.


Emphasized through comradery and the powerful messages of the Black Panthers, empowerment was another theme the Party members displayed. Through the community involvement and active societal participation, the movement was able to empower people, regardless of their skin color. 


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