Art | Power | Community

A BPP 55th Anniversary Retrospective
Multimedia Exhibit


About the Event

The exhibit is on the move! UC Berkeley is the latest venue to host the Art | Power | Community traveling exhibit. Join us as we commemorate a monumentous event at another great institution in California.

Black Panther Party member, Malik Rahim, uses Oakland Virtual Reality Goggles outside of It's All Good Bakery in Oakland, California.
Black Panther Party woman, Charlotte O'Neal, or Mama C, reading the names of fallen comrades during the BPP 55th anniversary celebration event in Oakland, California.
Nedra Williams looking away from the camera at Bobby Hutton Park in Oakland, California.
Black Panther Party woman dancing in the rain at the BPP 55th Anniversary celebration event in Oakland, California.

UC Berkeley

Physical Exhibit Location

UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley – Ethnic Studies Library

Asian American and Comparative Ethnic Studies Library

Ethnic Studies Library | 30 Stephens Hall

Nov. 1st – Dec. 17th, 2022

A | P | C
UC Berkely Zoom Event

Nov. 10th, 2022
6:00pm - 7:30pm PT

Join us for this exclusive zoom event and conversation featuring Art | Power | Community photographer and 2021 UCI BPOCSRC fellow Micherlange Francois Hemsley and Black Panther Party Graphic artist M. Gayle Asali Dickson.