BPP 55th Anniversary - A Retrospective

Wish You Were Here!

Thank you to everyone who attended the grand opening reception. BPP artists M. Gayle Dickson and John Crear, West Oakland Mural Project Director, Jilchristina Vest and UC Irvine senior and featured photographer, Micherlange Francois-Hemsley were in conversation with Tatiana Bryant, UCI Librarian for Digital Humanities, History, and African American Studies. If you missed the online event, you can watch it here.

Grand Opening Details

Physical Exhibit Location

UC Irvine

UCI Libraries – Gateway Center

Orange County & Southeast Asain Archive Center

May 4th – June 30th, 2022

Digital Exhibit

Can’t make the physical exhibit? We’ve got you covered!

Click the button below to visit the digital exhibit.

Black panther party member with his fist in the air at Bobby Hutton Park in Oakland, California.

Featured Artist:

Headshot of the Artist of the Art Power Community Exhibit


Artist Talk

APC Featured Photographer Micherlange Francois-Hemsley reunited with Evelynn Cuautle, her fellow 2021 UCI Black Panther OCS Research Cluster cohort member, to discuss her upcoming physical exhibit grand opening.

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